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Keto Energy is a scientifically formulated, high-quality supplement designed to meet the immediate energy needs of dairy cows and ewes during high-stress periods. Rich in readily available energy sources, vital vitamins, and trace elements, it is essential for managing metabolic diseases like ketosis and Twin Lamb Disease.


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Product Information

  • Provides immediate, easily-absorbable energy to tackle metabolic challenges during high-stress periods, such as calving in cows and lambing in ewes.
  • Supports recovery and prevention of metabolic diseases like ketosis in cows and Twin Lamb Disease in ewes, promoting overall herd health.
  • Delivers an array of essential vitamins and trace elements that boost immune function and aid in energy metabolism.
  • Helps maintain productivity by combatting energy deficits and improving overall health status.
  • Designed by experts for the optimal nutritional support of dairy cows and ewes during periods of increased metabolic demand.

Technical  Information

Keto Energy: Your Vital Aid for Metabolic Challenges in Dairy Cows and Ewes

Keto Energy is a high-quality, scientifically formulated supplement that meets dairy cows’ and ewes’ immediate energy demands during high-stress periods. It offers an impactful blend of readily available energy sources, essential vitamins, and trace elements. In addition, it is instrumental in dealing with metabolic diseases like ketosis in cows and Twin Lamb Disease in ewes.

Ketosis in Dairy Cows

Ketosis is a metabolic disorder common in dairy cows during the period following calving. This arises due to the imbalance between the cow’s high energy demand and her insufficient dietary energy intake, leading to decreased milk yield, loss of appetite, and changes in behaviour and physical health (Oetzel, 2007). Keto Energy, with its blend of dextrose and cane molasses, offers a prompt source of energy that helps elevate the cow’s blood glucose levels, effectively combatting the energy deficit and aiding in a swift recovery from Ketosis (Duffield, 2000).

Pre and Post-Calving in Dairy Cows

In the days leading up to and following calving, dairy cows experience increased metabolic demands. If these demands aren’t met through adequate nutrition, cows may enter a state of negative energy balance, leading to metabolic disorders such as ketosis and fatty liver syndrome (Drackley, 1999). Keto Energy can help prevent these conditions by providing an immediate energy source, promoting smoother transitions into and out of the calving period.

Twin Lamb Disease in Ewes

Also known as Pregnancy Toxaemia, Twin Lamb Disease primarily affects pregnant ewes, particularly those carrying multiple lambs. The energy demands of the growing lambs often surpass the ewe’s energy intake, causing an energy deficit that results in symptoms like lethargy, blindness, and incoordination (Ganaba et al., 1997). Keto Energy can provide immediate energy to meet the ewe’s heightened energy needs, with ingredients such as propylene glycol as effective preventive measures against Twin Lamb Disease (O’Sullivan, 2016).

Pre or Post-Lambing Ewes

The energy demands are significantly high for ewes approaching lambing or those that have just lambed, often resulting in energy deficiency. Keto Energy’s composition is designed to supply immediate energy, aiding recovery and preventing potential health complications related to energy deficiency (Goff & Horst, 1997).

Keto Energy’s Unique Composition

Beyond its energy-providing components, Keto Energy also contains a spectrum of essential vitamins and trace elements that contribute to overall animal health. For instance, Vitamin E and Selenium improve immune function and help prevent mastitis in dairy cows (Weiss, 1998). In addition, b Vitamins, including B1, Biotin, and B12, play vital roles in energy metabolism, preventing metabolic disorders.

Additional Information


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