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Since Natural Stockcare was first established almost 40 years ago, Grow A Drop Plus was the first-ever product we created, manufactured and distributed. This is still one of our most sought after and best-selling products. The performance of the product is what keeps our customers coming back time after time.

Grow A Drop Plus is designed to prevent general trace element deficiencies in cattle and lambs that can go undetected. This is in liquid form and designed to be completely water-miscible for ease of application and safety.

Why Is Animal Nutrition So Important?

Nutrition for animals is vital for a variety of reasons – mainly for growth, health and maintenance.

Vitamin, mineral and trace elements are a key concern at all stages of livestock’s life cycle. Trace elements play a critical role in the fertility, productivity and thriving nature of sheep and cattle.

Some identifiable signs of deficiencies in trace elements are discolouration of the coat, hair loss, infertility, swelling of the joints, scouring, poor conversion and stunted growth.

It is also often the case that when animals lack some of these elements, there are no apparent indications of deficiencies. This can result in reduced productivity or conversion rates in both cattle and sheep, ultimately leading to increased costs to the farmer.

Grow A Drop Plus complements good livestock management and is designed to maintain general mineral status in cattle and sheep, with each measured application guaranteed to be the exact formulation.

The Benefits Of Feed Supplements For Animals

  • Better animals – more profit.
  • Feed supplements significantly increase the production capacity of your farm animals.
  • Feed supplements can increase the fertility of animals.
  • Increase the growth levels of your livestock.
  • The overall structural and skeletal development of animals also depends on how well you feed them. With the use of feed supplements, you can easily achieve this target.
  • Reduce the need for costly veterinary services by boosting livestock health.

How Grow A Drop Plus Can Optimise Your Livestock Performance

Lambs, Ewes and Bucket Fed Calves

  • Maintains animal immune system.
  • Better appetite and feed conversion.
  • Keep animals healthy and thriving.
  • Provide essential minerals and vitamins for growth rate and performance.
  • Better wool quality.
  • Fewer days to slaughter.
  • Improve grades and carcase quality.
  • Can be used at worming time.
  • No withdrawal from meat or milk.
  • Improves intake of creep-feed.

Suckler Calves

  • Improves appetite for drinking and suckling more.
  • Keeps animals healthy and thriving.
  • Improves growth rate and performance.
  • Healthier looking animals with shinier coats.
  • Get more animals to the marketplace faster.
  • Better quality grades and kill out.
  • More animals achieve top grades.
  • Better intake of creep-feed.

Grow A Drop Plus contains zero copper to reduce the possibility of excess copper accumulating or copper toxicosis. Our trace elements include cobalt, sodium, iron, zinc and manganese. All of our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities using the highest quality pharmaceutical grade vitamins.

Do you want to improve your livestock health and performance to increase your profits? Order online now or contact our team for further information.


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